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General liability / product liability claims
General liability / product liability claims
Product liability claims
General liability claims (from simple to complex claims)
International liability programs
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Claim settlement in other European countries
Counselling and assistance in the case of claims in the USA. (Knowledge of the US legal system, e.g. discovery procedure, or defense in the face of risk of punitive damages, observance and monitoring of the compliance of client attorney privileges etc.)
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Third-party motor vehicle and own damage claims
  Claims report and claim registration, directly in the system of the client, if required …
Financial Lines
  D & O Insurance = Director and officer
Fidelity insurance
  Investigations within the framework of Client Credit Policies. Investigations in cases of
misappropriation …
Crisis Management- accidential / malicious contamination
  During the investigations on the cause and the amount of damage, experienced and
certified …
General liability / Product liability claims

Product and general liability claims.
From simple to complex claims …

Environmental losses
  Investigation and evaluation of causes and loss expenses in cooperation …
Property claims
  From house hold claims to big fires …
Transport / Marine
  Investigations, Average Agent, Subrogation / Salvage
Personal accident insurance
  Investigations on the circumstances of the loss, settlement daily money permanent disability hospital cash...