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Financial Lines
Financial Lines
D & O Insurance = Director & Officers Insurance

This continues to be one of the main fields of activity of the business manager of Assekuranz Arnold GmbH since there have been D&O Insurances in Germany.

Determination of the circumstances and, if required, involvement of external internationally
active lawyer’s offices and/or accounting firms
( www.bld.de ) -- ( www.grafvonwestphalen.de )
Investigations on site
Interviews with the D + O´s and/or their lawyers
Preparation of the demand of claims (coverage, liability, amount)
Coordination of claim defence
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Third-party motor vehicle and own damage claims
  Claims report and claim registration, directly in the system of the client, if required …
Financial Lines
  D & O Insurance = Director and officer
Fidelity insurance
  Investigations within the framework of Client Credit Policies. Investigations in cases of
misappropriation …
Crisis Management- accidential / malicious contamination
  During the investigations on the cause and the amount of damage, experienced and
certified …
General liability / Product liability claims

Product and general liability claims.
From simple to complex claims …

Environmental losses
  Investigation and evaluation of causes and loss expenses in cooperation …
Property claims
  From house hold claims to big fires …
Transport / Marine
  Investigations, Average Agent, Subrogation / Salvage
Personal accident insurance
  Investigations on the circumstances of the loss, settlement daily money permanent disability hospital cash...